Green Economic zone and Renewable Energy

Green Economic zone and Renewable Energy

BSEZ is spearheading a sustainable revolution in Bangladesh with its solar initiative. With a focus on reducing grid dependency, carbon emissions, and fostering a green economic zone, BSEZ is poised to transform the energy landscape in the country.

BSEZ’s collaborative efforts with Sumitomo Solar team underscore a commitment to understanding and implementing solar systems tailored to Bangladesh’s unique needs. Through meticulous feasibility studies, including thorough examination of existing solar installations across the country, BSEZ has honed its expertise in solar technology deployment.

Notably, drawing from successful case studies in Thang Long Industrial Parks (TLIP) 1, 2, and 3, where solar systems have been seamlessly integrated and operated [figure: 1]


[figure: 1]

BSEZ initiated a solar pilot project within its own premises, with panels installed on the roof of the substation on December 12, 2023 [figure: 2]. This pilot project boasts a capacity of 7.9 kWp, showcasing BSEZ’s dedication to practical sustainability solutions.

[figure: 2]

Since its inception, BSEZ has actively generated average solar power, as evidenced by figures 3.

[figure: 3]

BSEZ’s mission is the establishment of a green economic zone, where solar panels adorn tenant factory roofs as well as roofs of BSEZ facilities, harnessing the power of the sun to drive sustainable development. With an internal distribution line capable of transferring solar energy to tenants, BSEZ aim to mitigate power shortage issues while promoting a reliable and eco-friendly energy supply.

BSEZ’s solar initiative sets a precedent for sustainable development in Bangladesh. Our dedication to preserving the environment while fostering economic growth serves as an inspiration as we collectively strive towards a greener, more prosperous future.